My settlement in Shomron

That’s What I was Told..

I was told that this time my paintings must be somehow connected to the ” Nature Museum”- connected to the place.

OK, connected to nature, plants, flowers, animals- i.e. no portraits.

Since I mainly deal with portraits, this didn’t make for a promising start!

I gathered some paintings of landscapes and animals that I had done in the past, still natures, sunsets, trees and I also painted a few more. As a matter of fact, I was even happy to be able to show something different from those portraits that were making faces to me constantly.

I was also told: ” You must write a few lines about your exhibition.” Do I really have to?
I hardly ever read those sophisticated texts at exhibitions because I usually don’t understand them.

I paint without thinking too much and I am surprised more than anybody else at the result. So, what should I do? Explain afterwards, once it is done? Well, since it’s a must, let’s try!
Should I start with something lyrical, or maybe cynical?

Looking at those sunsets, I see the movements of the waves, trembling. I feel the wind blowing through the trees in the forest. I think of the people who passed there, in that field behind that fence, around those trees. I think of those standing by the seashore, waiting for a ship to come, those who dream of sailing somewhere far away.

Maybe I should be utopist ( or realistic?) ? That nature is in no way ” still “, it is so alive, rustling and singing life. These paintings, in fact, are snatches, glints, sparks of life. Capturing and revealing some of that light, of that infinite on a piece of canvas or paper is the dream of every scribbler. Painters around the world, unite!
Let’s be serious ( just for a moment ), none of that was mentioned to me! So I’d better stop!

Michel Koginsky

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