Moments of inspiration

A tree in a storm

The objective of Art is to carry out what is hidden, to bring the abstract to the tangible.
Prof Beno Gross


Art is a deep penetration into reality: the inner reality of man – his consciousness – and  his outer reality: to see the “infinite” within the “finite”. 
Prof Beno Gross (z”l)

Last Portrait

Art is to discover the
Divine Spark in the most
material things.
This brings one closer
to holiness. It is to
discover “new faces” in
Prof Beno Gross (z”l)

Friday Morning

There is Faith in Art.
Prof Beno Gross (z”l)

Moments of Creation

Moments of Surprise

The Orchestra

Art has the power to bring out the good  which has been hidden within us.
Rav Mikhi Yosefi

Funny Memories

Art is closer to medicine than aesthetics – said a wise Chinese man thousands of years ago.
Sasha Okun